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Laser Mainsheet and Traveler Block Upgrade

As you know, the Laser Class recently approved the development of new mainsheet and traveler blocks. We have pre-ordered this upgrade so you can be among the first to install it on your boat. By all accounts, this will be a must-have part for any serious Laser sailor.

We anticipate having these available toward the end of June, but we want to give you the opportunity to be the first to get your hands on this exciting upgrade by pre-ordering now.

Order now as we are offering extra special pre-order pricing. This price could end at any time and for sure will only be available for pre-orders.

Installation Diagram

Mainsheet and Traveler Block Upgrade

Clew Sleeve Upgrade

The ISAF and ILCA have approved the new Laser clew sleeve for competition.

This new product is produced by Harken. It is a combination of a low friction metal sleeve and ball bearing block facilitates easy outhaul adjustment and will ease more smoothly in light air. It makes clew rigging easier and keeps the sail flush with the boom. The sleeve comes fully assembled along with rigging instructions.

Clew Sleeve Upgrade

Laser Performance Upgrade

Recently the Laser class made changes to the class rules to allow for more powerful Outhaul and Cunningham systems. This will allow the average sailor to more easily make on the fly tuning adjustments. Take 10 minutes, a screw driver and some sealant and you can install new outhaul and cunningham systems with the Laser Performance Upgrade

Performance Upgrade Includes:

  • 1 Cleat Base
  • 2 Micro Cam Cleats
  • 2 Micro Blocks
  • 2 Double Blocks with Becket
  • 1 Shackle
  • 3 feet 12-strand Spectra
  • 13 feet 16 plait pre stretched line
  • 2 Micro Blocks for Outhaul
  • 1 8 foot 5 inch 12 strand Spectra
  • 1 13 foot 16-plait pre stretched line
  • 4 Stainless Steel Fasteners

Performance Upgrade

Harken Vang Upgrade Kit (Part #: 20015 / 90646)

Harken Vang Upgrade Kit

Harken Tiller Extension (Part #: 7100.48)

The rigid anodized body of this tiller extension transmits subtle boat and rudder movements, allowing you to steer by the feel of the helm. The elegantly simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills.every aspect contributes to its strength, stiffness, or comfort. Its universal joint is reinforced by a rope core for extra durability and the thick UV-protected grip is perfect for full dagger-grip and fingertip steering.

Harken Tiller Extension